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If you should get pulled over for speeding, an officer is going to write you a ticket as well as you need to sign the ticket as a vow to be in court by a specific time and day. It doesn’t mean that you’re accepting guilt, yet that you’re making your promise official. You’ll get a letter concerning the quantity of the fine as well as the actions you might later take. If you determine to plead not guilty, typically you’ll get a courtesy note regarding the time and day of the court. You might battle your speeding ticket.




Getting out of red light tickets are tricky and hard, particularly if it’s New Jersey red light camera tickets. There isn’t any need for a police officer to be there at the intersection anymore, as these cameras are going to take videos and pictures of a red light runner and a police officer will assess them later, deciding if a violation actually took place or not. These cameras offer an officer with a license plate, time and date of the offense, car’s speed and the quantity of time elapsed following the light turning red.



If you possess a citation for a failing to stop at a stop sign, you may contact our office at {phone} and get the ticket immediately reviewed by our firm. As you’ll face three points upon your license if you’re convicted of not stopping at a stop sign, it may be a crucial problem as it comes to your capability of keeping your driver’s license active if you already possess points. Most stop sign violations might come down to an opinion of the officer, and it’s a point which may be contested.


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Odds are if you made it here you are aware of some of the consequences that you may face as a result of guilty verdict. They include the following:


Our office in New Jersey, concentrates on traffic law and especially assisting you in getting your traffic ticket dismissed. We possess a reputation for honesty and excellence and are committed to serving our clientele with any given legal circumstances in New Jersey.

We  defend against:

Get Your New Jersey Ticket Dismissed

Traffic tickets are going to make your insurance expenses substantially go up and you might even lose your license if you get enough points upon your record. It is vital that you battle each traffic ticket, as every ticket upon your record will have an impact. Read more concerning why you ought to battle your speeding traffic tickets and traffic tickets. We are going to assist you by offering professional, experienced legal help to aid you in fighting speeding tickets, traffic tickets, and so much more in New Jersey dealing with traffic court cases in New Jersey.

A Personal injury lawyer can make all the difference if you case involved injuries. a philly accident lawyer that specializes in these cases will help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Why Employ An Experienced New Jersey Traffic Lawyer ?

Traffic violation attorneys aren’t necessary in a few instances. In cases in which you did what you’re accused of and there’s little capability for you to battle the charge, you might not require these experts for the duty. On the other hand, within almost all additional cases, it’s a great idea to employ an attorney to represent you within court. Doing this might assist you in reducing your fines, reducing the impact upon your criminal record and license, and aid you in getting back on the road quicker. If you procrastinate, you might be facing even greater fines.

When Do You Require Assistance?

A traffic violations lawyer has the duty of representing you within a court of law. Additionally, this expert’s duty involves offering you with guidance concerning what your choices are for preventing complications. She or he can inform you what to plea and what you can expect from your outcome. If you believe you don’t require one, think again. It might mean the difference in between suffering jail time and paying hundreds of dollars, to strolling away from your case. Here include a few of the times when it’s ideal to contact these experts:

  • Do you already possess points upon your license and are concerned with the outcome of this most recent stop? If you’re a multiple offender, it’s a great idea to call an Traffic lawyer to figure out how to battle these charges.
  • Do you know you didn’t commit the crime charged with within this instance? If you merely wish to clear your name as well as can back up the claims made, it’s a great thought to employ an expert to assist you in doing just that.
  • Are you faced with the loss of your capability of driving? Are you currently a commercial driver? In cases in which the risks are great, it’s ideal to turn to an expert to assist you in getting through the process, as well as potentially reducing the risk of you losing your job.

Traffic violation lawyers may assist you in determining if there’s a way to get your charges dropped. It also may be possible to utilize proof to show you couldn’t have committed this crime. In additional instances, the objective includes proving that you weren’t justly charged because of an error made by the officer. No matter what your defense options include, it’s a great thought to employ an attorney to assist you through this process. Going to court by yourself is never a good idea.

If you’re like the majority of people, you’re likely not familiar with the jargon and routines included in such court proceedings. It places you at a disadvantage as you’re likely to be opposing an officer who has been to court on a number of occasions and understands how he or she can present her or his case well. Our office may dramatically boost your opportunities of winning your case. We’re extremely experienced with New Jersey traffic laws and court procedures and rules and will present a more compelling case upon your behalf. That is why you must hire Mr. Greenberg, an experienced New Jersey traffic lawyer.

How our Traffic Ticket Attorneys Do It

We strive to make your litigation process as efficient and easy for our clientele as possible. We will move rapidly to solve any given circumstances in a cost-effective, successful manner. Our very reliable, professional, and efficient team is dedicated to making your legal experience a positive one. We’re available around the clock to help our clients.

Traffic Lawyer –  New Jersey

If you require legal representation for your traffic offense, we are well-equipped to provide the guidance needed to get your citation solved rapidly with as little cost, aggravation and time as possible.

Irrespective of how insignificant the citation might seem at this time, it’s nearly always worth your time in the long range to contact a traffic ticket attorney concerning your case. A lawyer well versed in New Jersey traffic law may use knowledge of legal processes and the law.

New Jersey Traffic Tickets

Our lawyers are specially equipped to handle various infractions, from minor ones to severe moving violations and misdemeanors, too. If you’ve been cited for a violation you think to be the result of a mistake, or one where you were at fault, you may battle red-light camera, speeding ticket, and additional citations by employing a Traffic lawyer who has experience in defending such cases.

Take a minute to learn more concerning New Jersey traffic law, as well as on our legal services. Please contact  for a free consultation. Our lawyers are completely licensed, compassionate, as well as experienced in dealing with various citations effectively and with the highest possible benefit to a client.


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