It’s late in the day, and you just want to head home to Evesham after a long day at work. Of course, we all know that the more tired you are, the more prone we are to mistakes while driving, especially when it is hard to see or traffic is thick. It’s easy to speed when the car in front of you is going fast or when you can’t see signs in the dark. It is just as easy to ignore a stop sign when there is no traffic around. But your reason does not matter to the police officer who sees you and writes your ticket.

Many cities have started using traffic tickets as a way of generating income, so oftentimes police officers are out looking for ways to write traffic tickets. This means that your chances of getting one are even higher. But whether this is your first or your fourth ticket, the penalties are still heavy and can still stick with you for years unless you plead not guilty and go to traffic court. With the help of a skilled Evesham traffic ticket attorney, you can have those steep penalties cut down some or maybe even have the ticket thrown out altogether.

Cases regarding traffic tickets in New Jersey go through the municipal court system. You will have your case heard in an Evesham municipal court before a judge that focuses on traffic ticket cases ( But before you try to go in and defend yourself, you should know that judges in municipal courts usually tend to side with the police officers when they come to testify about why they issued you the ticket. Also, judges are not usually very sympathetic to people who have committed a traffic violation, especially if you have committed others in the past. Fortunately, judges do tend to listen to your side if you have a traffic lawyer on your side to help you with your defense. There are many different angles your attorney can take to prove that you do not deserve your traffic ticket or at least should not have to suffer serious penalties. Proving signs were hidden from view or that the police officer pulled you over for the wrong reasons are just some of the ways your lawyer can help you have your ticket reduced or thrown out. But before you make the decision to fight your ticket, you should understand exactly what penalties your traffic violation has and what the consequences of getting a traffic ticket in New Jersey are. An understanding of how severe they can be will influence you in your decision to work with a traffic lawyer on your case.

A major penalty used under New Jersey traffic law is something called a point system, which other states use as well. The basic idea is that each traffic violation you receive results in a certain amount of points being added to your driver’s license, with the amount of points based on the seriousness of the violation. Even speeding will vary in the number of points you get, depending on how fast you were going. Some common violations include: failing to yield (2 points), failing to keep right (2 points), careless driving (2 points), failing to observe stop signs or red lights (2 points), improper turn (3 points), tailgating (5 points), reckless driving (5 points), or driving over thirty miles above the speed limit (5 points). The reason knowing the amount of points per violation is so important is because there are consequences after they add up. After six total points have been added, you will have to pay a surcharge based on how many points over six that you have and your insurance premiums on you car could rise. After twelve points, your license could be suspended, leaving you unable to drive yourself around for a while. If you get arrested for a DUI, you won’t get any points on your license, but you will have to pay hundreds of dollars in fines as well as other fees and you may even face jail time.

Don’t face the harsh consequences of your traffic violation without a traffic attorney on your side. They will fight to have the penalties reduced or the ticket dismissed so you won’t have to suffer unduly for a simple mistake while driving. Call our offices today to get your case going.


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