Although it may seem like a fairly minor traffic violation, failing to yield is still a violation that can get you a traffic ticket in the state of New Jersey. As with other kinds of traffic violations, tickets for failing to yield comes with certain penalties that you are responsible for, even though your failing to yield could have easily been the result of an honest mistake.

In terms of traffic violations, failure to yield can occur in a number of different scenarios and mean a couple of different things. Failing to yield at an intersection, for example, happens when you enter the intersection but did not follow the correct rules about who should enter first. Failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk means that you drove through the crosswalk even though the pedestrian may have still been crossing. Failing to yield to an emergency vehicle means that you did not pull over when a fire truck or ambulance had its sirens on and needed to pass. And, of course, ignoring a yield sign is also considered failure to yield.

Unfortunately, these are some of the easiest traffic violations to commit. Failure to yield at an intersection is often easy to do if it is unclear who stopped at a four way stop first, or if it is unclear who has right of way if there are fewer than four stop signs. You could be accused of failing to yield at a crosswalk for a pedestrian if it looks like they had cleared the crosswalk or if they motioned you through. And sometimes it is almost impossible to yield to an emergency vehicle if you are driving in heavy traffic and cannot get out of the way. However, under New Jersey law, you could still get a traffic ticket for them.

Getting a traffic violation for failing to yield often results in fines, the amount of which will be printed on your ticket. But while it may seem like you can just pay the fine and have the ticket go away, this is unfortunately not the case. Failing to yield violations result in having two points added to your driver’s license. Under New Jersey law, if you have six points added to your driver’s license, you will be required to pay additional costs known as surcharges, which increase if you get more than six points and must be paid on top of any fines or penalties you owe. In addition, your car insurance company can increase your premiums under New Jersey law for up to three years after your violation. To make matters worse, if you get twelve points added to your license, your license will be suspended, and you will lose your freedom to drive and have to rely on other forms of transportation.

Don’t assume that you are required to accept your ticket at face value, admit full guilt, and have to face the penalties without question. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you are well within your rights to plead your innocence and take your case to traffic court.

If you do decide to do this, though, it is absolutely in your best interest to work with a New Jersey traffic lawyer. The reason behind this is that because, unfortunately, judges tend to be less sympathetic to people with traffic violations who come into court without representation — it is much easier for the judge to assume that the police officer who wrote the ticket was right. However, having a traffic attorney on your side means that you will walk into court with a strong case against the ticket, supported by documents and other records that your lawyer will have access to. This way, we can help you build a solid case to show that the intersection was poorly designed and did not lend itself to a clear right of way, or that you were unable to move over enough to let the emergency vehicle go by because of heavy traffic.

This may not be your first traffic violation either, which may make your time in court. Our lawyers are ready and willing to help out with your case no matter how many times you have been through traffic court already. The steep penalties demanded by New Jersey traffic law are a lot for anyone to have to deal with simply for making one small mistake while driving that may or may not have even been your fault. Call us right away so we can sit down and do a free initial consultation to get your case started.

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