Perhaps you’re visiting Moorestown to take in all the historic sites, or maybe you are simply traveling out the city going to and from school, work, or errands. But whether you are visiting for the first time or have been driving around the township for years, mistakes can happen when you are driving, and you can easily commit a traffic violation. It is not hard to get caught in a speed trap, cut that yellow light a little too close, or not slow to a total stop at a stop sign when no one else is coming. Unfortunately, all of these things are considered traffic violations under New Jersey traffic law, and if you are seen by a police officer, you can bet on getting a traffic ticket as a result.

What this exactly means for you can vary, but they all mean that you could face penalties that could hurt your finances and affect your life. In fact, before you just pay your fine and assume that your ticket will be resolved, you need to know that simply paying the fine does not make the ticket “go away.” There are other penalties that stay on your record despite you already paying the fine. So if you’re thinking, “Why bother paying the fine at all?”, don’t worry — you have other options. You can do what many choose to do and plead not guilty to your ticket so that it goes to court.

Your case will go before a judge at the Moorestown municipal court and you will be asked to present your side of the incident. The police officer who wrote your ticket will also be there to explain why he or she wrote the ticket and to explain the incident from their perspective. This is where having a Moorestown traffic ticket lawyer is so important. Judges in municipal courts hearing cases about traffic tickets are almost never sympathetic to people who come in and defend themselves against their ticket. In those circumstances, it is much easier for the judge to believe the word of the police officer over yours. But with a skilled lawyer on your side, the judge is much more likely to consider your defense. A lawyer with experience handling traffic tickets in Moorestown will know the best ways to prove that the traffic ticket was issued unfairly and can fight to have your penalties from your ticket reduced, or even have the ticket dismissed entirely. With a well formed argument proving that you actually entered the intersection when the light was still yellow, or proving that the officer got a false reading on the speed gun, the judge will be much more likely to listen to your lawyer’s strong defense.

As for the penalties, if this is your first traffic violation, you may not know what exactly your traffic violation means. New Jersey traffic law utilizes a points system that assigns each traffic violation with a certain amount of points. If you are charged with one of those traffic violations, that corresponding number of points will be added to your driver’s license and will stay on your record. For example: speeding between 1 and 14 miles above the speed limit gets two points added to your license, as does running a stop sign or a red light. The reason the points are lower for these is because they usually don’t result in circumstances where someone gets hurt. For violations that could potentially hurt someone, the points are higher. Tailgating and racing on the highway gets you five points on your license, for example. Point values for your traffic violations are important to know, because if you end up with a total of six points on your license, you will have to pay surcharges that are based on how many points above six you have received. You also could face having your monthly premiums increased by your car insurance company. And after you have twelve points on your license, you will face having your license suspended, keeping you from driving yourself around freely.

Don’t let these harsh penalties deplete your finances, keep you from driving, or put you behind bars. Call a Moorestown traffic lawyer today to help you with your case.


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