You’ve emerged from a pack of cars on the Garden State Parkway, and you are flying down the road just a few miles from North Wildwood, one of the best beaches in The Garden State. In short, you’re already getting a little wild before arriving in North Wildwood.

Another section of road where it is easy to speed above the limit is on Route 147 as you ease into town. It’s hard to be patient when you are just minutes from your hotel, and it’s also hard to tell when the speed limit dips down to 35 and 25 mph, especially when you are psyched about your vacation, the windows are down, the music is loud and your vehicle is hosting a personal party.

Even if you are losing track of time and space, the Cape May County police car behind you has not. Now, the red lights are spinning and the siren is screaming for you to pull over. Soon, the officer is handing you a ticket for speeding and your long-awaited vacation is off to an inauspicious start.

What should you do now? Pay the ticket? No! Get in touch with a North Wildwood traffic lawyer and fight back.

A Ticket Often Costs Much More Than a Fine A speeding ticket in North Wildwood is not as straightforward as you might think. Paying it does not erase it from your record. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission tacks on points on your license for many traffic infractions, and if you have a shaky driving record, your license could be in jeopardy with an additional ticket tacked on. Beyond that, you could even lose your job if your contract calls for you to have a valid driver’s license at all times, as many do.

You also might not think about how one traffic violation can cost you thousands in jacked-up insurance premiums, which often endure for more than three years after your minor infraction. In other words, a traffic ticket is the “gift” that keeps on taking! That’s why it’s important that you defend yourself, even if it’s your first violation.

Exercise Your Rights in North Wildwood New Jersey’s point system for speed violations is tough, but just because a police officer pulled you over does not mean that you are automatically guilty. You have every right to plead innocent and confront the evidence in a courtroom.

Challenge Your North Wildwood Traffic Ticket Every Time Don’t admit your guilt by paying your fine; challenge any traffic ticket that you receive. Yes, learn from your violation, but don’t let it grow into a fiasco with multiple harsh consequences. Fight to keep points off your license and your insurance premiums low.

Get Your Fine Reduced or Your Ticket Dismissed We can help you to replace that sinking feeling you get when you’re handed a ticket with the hope that one of several approaches can help you avoid a traffic-ticket conviction.

Let a traffic lawyer in North Wildwood assist you. S/he knows that almost any case can be won by poking around in the technicalities and fighting every fair way to get a fine reduced and to keep a driving record unblemished. In some cases, the ticket is dismissed. An energetic North Wildwood traffic ticket lawyer will strive to get the best outcome for you.

Hire a North Wildwood Traffic Ticket Attorney When you decide to fight a traffic ticket, you will look for a lawyer who knows and understands local and state traffic laws, something beyond your expertise. You need a knowledgeable North Wildwood traffic ticket attorney to guide you through the legal system with ease.

Traffic court is no less daunting than any other type of court, and it calls for a true professional to ply his/her trade. In court, you will most likely face a North Wildwood area police officer who has abundant experience in the courtroom and has been there hundreds of times. That officer is paid a good salary to make sure that every ticket written sticks. Only a determined North Wildwood traffic ticket lawyer can thwart that goal.

Fighting Tickets in New Jersey Is All We Do Whether your traffic ticket in North Wildwood was an infraction, a misdemeanor or a felony, we can help. If this was your first ticket ever, or your tenth, it doesn’t matter. We stand ready to assist you and ensure a fair fight in court. You need a DUI lawyer in North Wildwood by your side that knows the rules and can present your case persuasively, even if you are not able to attend the proceedings.

Don’t contact other attorneys that handle all sorts of other cases. Contact a North Wildwood traffic ticket lawyer that focuses on traffic offenses, someone who fights for people every week who receive tickets in North Wildwood and the Ocean City metro area.

Reasonable Fees The good news about hiring an excellent lawyer is that it doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. A solid North Wildwood traffic ticket attorney often has quite reasonable fees that pale in comparison to the costs of your fine plus elevated insurance premiums. To make it as convenient as possible for you, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards.

FREE Consultation It won’t cost you a nickel to talk with us about your case. We offer FREE phone consultations to drivers in the North Wildwood area, during which we will give you an honest, immediate assessment of your situation.

Do all that you can to protect one of your most valuable possessions: your driver’s license. Get in touch with a North Wildwood traffic ticket lawyer today.

NJ Traffic Ticket Lawyer handles all traffic violations in the North Wildwood area including:

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